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Welcome to MerPeople – the captivating universe of professional mermaids. Here, scales, sparkles, and fantasy create enchanting memories. Dive into unmatched aquatic entertainment with our professional mermaids and mermen.

Apart from family gatherings and corporate events, we offer various water-based talents for hire. Our team impresses global audiences. We consistently deliver captivating shows, from Perth’s shores to Byron Bay’s stages and aboard Asian cruise ships, mesmerizing all ages.

Whether you seek aquatic wonder, enchantment, or an unforgettable experience, MerPeople excels in aquatic entertainment. Dive into the extraordinary with us. Our captivating MerPeople bring ocean magic to your moments, be it a party, wedding, or gala.

With professionalism and aquatic artistry, MerPeople elevates your events. Take the plunge and transform your event into a watery wonderland of lasting memories.

Hire a Mermaid or Merman

Mermaid Meet and Greets

Picture the delight on your guests’ faces when they encounter our enchanting mermaid performers at your special event! At MerPeople, we provide the perfect dose of magic for various occasions. Whether it’s a charming children’s party, a professional corporate gathering, a dreamy wedding or reception, a captivating trade show, or any other celebration you have in mind, MerPeople is here to ensure it becomes an unforgettable experience.

Our mermaid performers don’t just add a touch of fantasy; they focus on creating smiles, laughter, and cherished memories for all attendees. Regardless of the occasion, MerPeople is your trusted source for that extra sprinkle of enchantment. Dive into the magic, and let us turn your event into something truly extraordinary!

MerPeople - Professional Mermaids for Hire in Perth
Mermaid Birthday Parties Perth

Mermaid Birthday Parties

Furthermore, we specialize in providing mermaids to make your child’s birthday party truly unique. We create memorable experiences that will be treasured for years. Imagine this: as you approach the poolside, a real-life mermaid joyfully splashes, a moment filled with pure magic!

At MerPeople, we offer a range of enchanting options to customize your child’s special day. You can choose a dry mermaid appearance, where our mermaids mingle with young guests, creating a magical atmosphere on land. Alternatively, dive into a mermaid pool birthday party, where aquatic wonders unfold before your eyes, adding excitement and wonder to the celebration.

For the ultimate mermaid experience, why not transform all participants into mermaids and mermen? Immerse in the enchantment and let your child’s imagination run wild as they and their friends become part of this captivating underwater world. The possibilities are as limitless as the sea itself, and the memories created will be cherished forever. Find out more.

Underwater Mermaid Shows

At MerPeople, we’re not your average mermaid show; we’re the creators of extraordinary aquatic experiences! Our team combines free divers and scuba divers, making us experts for large-scale events and unique aquarium dive shows. When you choose MerPeople, you’re inviting a world of wonder into your event, going beyond the ordinary.

Envision an underwater spectacle that unfolds, blending the grace of our professional water artists with the captivating allure of the deep. We offer more than your standard mermaid show. Dive into a realm of limitless possibilities with MerPeople, where the extraordinary is our specialty. Let us transform your event into an unforgettable aquatic adventure that will leave your guests in awe.

MerPeople - Mermaids for hire in Australia
Hire a mermaid for Corporate Events in Perth and Australia

Corporate Events

If you want to infuse enchantment and steal the spotlight at your event, consider hiring one of our professional mermaid performers. MerPeople offers a skilled roster of mermaids who can transform your event into an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a trade show, corporate event, wedding, reception, or any special gathering, our mermaids are ready to add a touch of magic that leaves a lasting impression. Let us elevate your event with the allure of the deep!


Enhance your visual storytelling with the charm and allure of our experienced mermaid models. MerPeople provides various creative options, including land-based photo shoots, captivating underwater sessions, and seamless video productions. Our extensive portfolio showcases collaborations with numerous advertising campaigns, commercials, TV productions, and film projects.

Incorporating the enchantment of MerPeople into your visual content is an engaging marketing strategy to effectively promote your products and services. Join us in leveraging the captivating power of these aquatic wonders to make a splash in your marketing efforts, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Dive into a realm of possibilities with MerPeople, and let your creativity flow with the tides!

Mermaid for hire in Perth

Mermaids for Hire in Perth

We have professional mermaids available for hire in Perth. Below, you’ll find a curated collection of these aquatic talents, each uniquely gifted and experienced. To dive deeper into the world of our mermaid performers and explore their individual skillsets and remarkable backgrounds, click on their captivating photos.

But there’s more! Beyond discovering fascinating details about each mermaid, uncover a wealth of information regarding the specific services they offer. Dive into their offerings to pinpoint precisely which services align with your vision and requirements.

So, take your time, explore the magic, and embark on an underwater journey to find the perfect mermaid performer for your next extraordinary event. Your adventure begins with a single click.

Join the MerPeople Pod

Welcome to MerPeople, your gateway to hiring mermaids and mermen for various occasions. What sets us apart? We specialize in turning dreams into reality, backed by over a decade of experience in transforming humans into MerPeople. If you’ve ever fantasized about becoming a mermaid or merman, you’ve washed up on the perfect shore. Below, explore the pathways to living your mermaid dreams or continuing your mermaid adventure.

MerPeople - Mermaid Courses in Perth

Mermaid Courses

Since 2012, we’ve been passionately teaching mermaid courses, guiding over 10,000 students, both young and old, through our enchanting mermaid classes. Dive into a mermaid workshop – the swiftest path to becoming a mermaid or merman. Join us in making your underwater dreams a reality.

MerPeople - Photo Shoots for mermaids in Perth

Mermaid Photo Shoots

Elevate your portfolio with our enticing mermaid photo shoots, both on land and underwater. Whether you seek a thrilling new experience or aim to embark on a professional mermaid journey, our skilled photographers will expertly capture you from every angle. Plus, they’ll provide valuable posing tips to ensure your mermaid moments shine. Dive into this opportunity to create stunning images and further your mermaid aspirations.

Entertainer Training

Are you ready to become a captivating mermaid entertainer? It’s all about performing with confidence, motivation, and impeccable posture. Dive into our workshops tailored to elevate your skills and transform you into an outstanding mermaid performer. Join us on this exciting journey!

How to become a professional mermaid entertainer?

MerPeople Retreats

Join our immersive mermaid retreats, lovingly dubbed “Mermaid Weeks“. These international adventure getaways are crafted exclusively for MerFolk like you. Experience thrilling mermaiding in dream locations, connect with kindred spirits, and embark on professional photo shoots. Don’t miss your chance to dive into the magic with us next time.

Mermaid Retreats

Retreats for MerPeople

Step into the enchanting world of our MerPeople Retreats – international experiences tailor-made for mermaids and mermen. Join us for an exhilarating mermaid vacation where you’ll discover new underwater modeling skills and techniques. Capture stunning photos in novel aquatic settings with our expert guidance. Elevate your mermaid portfolio, both above and below the surface.

These retreats are born from our love and passion, crafted to fulfill MerPeople’s desires and dreams. They provide a special time and space for like-minded spirits to gather, connect, share, and learn. Dive into lessons on buoyancy, safety, and breath control for underwater performance. Nothing in the world compares to the magic of these unique MerPeople Retreats. Come, be part of something extraordinary!

Courses for MerPeople

In addition to our captivating mermaids for hire and enchanting international mermaid retreats, we proudly offer an array of mermaid courses right here in Perth. Dive into the magic by browsing the upcoming mermaid courses below.

Enquire about our MerPeople

We’d be thrilled to bring our enchanting mermaid and mermen performers to your event or project! To get started, please reach out to us via email and share all the vital details about your event or project. We can’t wait to hear from you and make your occasion truly magical!

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