MerPeople Retreats – Unique Experiences for Mermaids and Mermen

Our MerPeople Retreats, also called “Mermaid Weeks”, are international experiences specifically designed for mermaids and mermen. During these getaways, you can join Mermaid Kat for an exciting mermaid vacation. Participants will learn underwater modelling tips, tricks, and techniques, plus have the opportunity to shoot in new aquatic environments with the support of our team. As a result, you can build or enhance your mermaid portfolio with stunning photos above and underwater. MerPeople Retreats were created with love and passion and developed to meet MerPeople’s needs and dreams. Furthermore, they were designed to create a time and place for like-minded people to come together to connect, share and learn. We will also teach about buoyancy, safety and breath-control basics for performing underwater. Of course, creating more ocean awareness is another important mission at our trips. There surely is no experience in the world that can compare with these unique MerPeople Retreats.

Who is this for?

Our MerPeople Retreats are for underwater enthusiasts and professionals alike who want to create unique content in a private and friendly setting. We want to create a place where like-minded water lovers can meet and share, learn new things, have an unforgettable time and go home with stunning photos and videos. To take part in these trips you must be able to swim well and confidently. In addition, we recommend general basic fitness, because swimming in the sea can be exhausting. No free diving, scuba diving, mermaid swimming, or underwater modelling experience is required. From first timers to experienced pros and seasoned mermaids, these trips will not disappoint! Our team will assist and guide you through every step of the way regardless of your experience level.

Because we firmly believe that mermaids and mermen come in all sizes, shapes, colours, ages and genders, there is no visual criteria to meet. However, participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Join us for an international MerPeople Retreat

MerCouple - Mermaid and Merman Couple Photo Shoot
MerPeople Retreats – Great Experiences for Mermaids and Mermen
Mermaid Vacation for MerPeople
MerPeople Retreats – Unique Experiences for Mermaids and Mermen

Our Vision

We want to connect and enable self-realization for our participants through connecting them to the environment and spirit of the underwater world. You will be able to fine tune and focus your energy on your desires. To make this possible, we provide a once in a lifetime experience every time you come to a retreat.

Underwater mermaid shoot at MerFolk Retreat
MerPeople Retreat for mermaids

Upcoming MerPeople Retreats

Below you can find our upcoming mermaid school retreats.

Mermaid Retreat Thailand (April/ May 2024)

  Mermaid Retreat Thailand (April/ May 2024) Welcome to the Mermaid Retreat Thailand, an extraordinary vacation experience designed exclusively for mermaids, mermen, and water enthusiasts. Our Mermaid Retreat Thailand offers you a magical opportunity to reconnect with your inner child and immerse yourself in the world of mermaids. Embrace fearlessness, faith, and joy as you […]

Underwater Dance and Modelling Retreat Egypt (September 2024)

  Underwater Dance and Underwater Modelling Retreat Egypt (September 2024) This Underwater Dance and Underwater Modelling Retreat is the perfect mixture between a vacation at the Red Sea, working on new underwater performance skills and enhancing your portfolio. Here, we create time and space to cultivate our capacity for stillness, slowness and surrender. On the […]

MerPeople Retreat Soma Bay Egypt (September 2024)

  MerPeople Retreat Egypt (September 2024) This MerPeople Retreat will give you a chance to remember and connect with your inner child. During this unique experience you have the opportunity to set fear aside and act from faith and joy. Special training workshops for mermaid swimming, modelling and posing in front of the underwater camera […]

Mexico MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School (March 2025)

  Mexico MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School (March 2025) Mexico MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School – Discover Unforgettable Adventures! Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey that will leave you with cherished memories? Look no further than our MerFolk Retreat and Mermaid School in Mexico! This immersive experience promises an unforgettable adventure for […]

MerFolk Retreat Maldives (September 2025)

  MerFolk Retreat Maldives (September 2025) MerFolk Retreat Maldives invites all mermaids, mermen and other water enthusiasts to to join us for an unforgettable and magical vacation. This trip is an adventure holiday with unforgettable experiences, hands-on workshops and photo shoots. Our Mermaid Weeks were created to give your inner child the opportunity to heal, […]

Mermaid Vacation in Italy (September 2026)

Mermaid Vacation in Italy (September 2026) Have you ever dreamed of exploring the underwater world as a mermaid or merman? If so, the Mermaid Vacation in Italy in September 2026 is perfect for you. Join us for a magical week filled with discoveries, beauty, and unforgettable moments. Our destination is Elba, a Mediterranean gem known […]

Attention, the spots are in great demand and book up quickly. Therefore, we can only reserve your place once we have received your booking and deposit.

What makes MerPeople Retreats unique?

MerPeople Retreats are really for everyone who has always dreamed of being a mermaid or merman. Everyone is welcome to join and connect in this friendly and peaceful environment. Come and join the adventure of your life. Leave with new friends, hearts filled with love, unforgettable memories and a mermaid portfolio that just stands out.

MerPeople Retreats - Mermaid School

Mermaid Portfolio

When you join our MerPeople Retreats, you will have the opportunity to be photographed by world acclaimed photographers. We will assist you in every step of the way during dry photo shoots and underwater shoots. As a result, you’ll go home with a mesmerising mermaid portfolio.

Mermaid Retreats

Join the fun

Our MerPeople retreats provide the wonderful balance between “work” and “free time”. On one hand we offer several training sessions and photo shoots. On the other hand you have time to relax, scuba dive or meet other participants for other fun activities.

Protect the Ocean

During our MerPeople Retreats we like to share important facts about the ocean environment and what can be done to protect it. Usually we also organise a beach clean up or photo campaign to create more awareness for the seas.

MerPeople protect the ocean


At MerFolk we cant to create mermaid community that connects and empowers one another. We love drama free retreats where everyone is welcome and accepted as ho or she is. Connect with other Australian mermaids and merfolk from around the world.

Drama free mermaid vacation for Australian merfolk


Photos from previous Retreats

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