Perth Mermaids for Hire

Below you can find our Perth mermaids for hire. By clicking the filters, you can search exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking to book a mermaid for a birthday party in Perth, select the filters “Birthdays” and “Perth”. If you are on the other hand searching for a mermaid to perform in underwater shows, select the filter “Underwater Shows”.

Enquire about our MerPeople

If you are interested in our Perth mermaids for hire, please contact us via email and send through all essential information about your event or project. If you have a particular performer in mind, please send us the name.

Please note that rates vary depending on the experience level of the individual artist. Furthermore, the distance to an event location might effect the total price.

Fell free to also send a general enquire, if you haven’t set your heart on one particular mermaid or mermen. We are happy to help you choose the best fit for you project or event.

Want to be one of our Perth Mermaids for Hire?

Are you dreaming of being one of the Perth mermaids for hire? Then apply to become a mermaid entertainer, mermaid model or show mermaid. At MerPeople, we represent mermaids, mermen and underwater performers to work at events, shows and advertisement. As we have been in the mermaiding industry for over a decade, we are continuously growing our platform and customer network. Therefore, we are on the ongoing search for new talent in the mermaid world. At MerPeople you can apply if you are just starting your mermaid life, if you are experienced and also, if you are already working as a mermaid or mermen professionally. Entertainers and models represented by MerPeople are not obligated to sign an exclusivity contract.

Here you can find out more about the application process.

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