Underwater Modelling Workshop

This Underwater Modelling Workshop makes it much easier to start you on your underwater modelling path. Our experienced team can give you the right information to not only look amazing but to stay safe as well.

You get to practice techniques that you would otherwise only learn in diving courses, apnea courses and modelling courses and that you would have to link together yourself.

With her experience as a scuba diving instructor, apnea instructor and underwater stunt woman, Katrin Gray has put together an ideal “all-round package” for aspiring underwater models. The Underwater Modelling Workshop is designed for both beginners and advanced underwater models.

Perth Underwater Model Coaching
Underwater Modelling Course Perth
Underwater Model Coaching by Mermaid Kat
Underwater Model Coaching in Perth

About Modelling Underwater

Underwater modelling is often underestimated because professionals make it look weightless and easy. However, we do not move in our natural element under water. Holding your breath and posing underwater while controlling your buoyancy can quickly become a challenge. In addition, we need to put our body in the right position and relax our face. Furthermore, we have to control our hair and clothing and all this while we are almost blind. On top of that, water is constantly running into our noses and sinuses. In order to get really great pictures, modelling under water should be practiced. This is exactly why the concept for the Underwater Modelling Workshop was created. This will make you a pro in no time.

Underwater Modelling Training
Underwater model shooting Perth
Become an underwater model

What will you learn in the Underwater Modelling Workshop?

During the Underwater Modelling Workshop we will spend some time in the classroom. After the theoretical part, we then carry out the first practical exercises. Later you get into the water where the previously learned techniques can be implemented. Furthermore, you now have the opportunity to shoot with a professional underwater photographer.

We will Cover the Following Topics in the Underwater Modelling Workshop:

  • The peculiarities of modelling under water
  • Equalisation
  • Basics of free diving and breath holding
  • Safety
  • Buoyancy regulation with air release
  • Body posture and posing underwater
  • Managing fabric and dresses underwater
  • Hair management and flow
  • Styling and makeup tips
  • Working as an underwater model (areas, legal, fee structure, etc.)
Underwater model course

Participant Requirements

Our Underwater Modelling Workshop was created for all water lovers. If you are at least 12 years old and can swim safely, you are welcome in this course. We don’t care about looks because we believe everyone has the right to become an underwater model. Men and women of all ages are welcome. We look forward to spending an exciting day with you, teaching you new things and taking great photos of you.

Underwater fashion model training with Katrin Gray (Katrin Felton)
Underwater model shoot

The Underwater Model Training Workshop Includes

  • Land and in-water training
  • One underwater photoshoot (about 20 minutes)
  • Posing guidance
  • Safety support
  • Questions and answers with the team
  • 3 retouched high resolution images


AUD 499.00

What to Bring

Of course, a good mood is the most important thing of all, so you should bring a good portion of it with you. Also, please bring something to take notes on the course. If available, please take a diving mask or swimming goggles with you. In addition, think about all the things you would pack for a normal visit to the swimming pool and also enough food for the day. You should also bring several clothes and costumes for your shooting (together we will then choose the right outfit for your underwater shoot). Long dresses with many layers of fabric look stunning underwater. If you don’t have a suitable outfit with you, we also have a small selection of costumes available for hire.

By the Way…

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