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Mermaid Kat

Professional mermaid for hire! Mermaid Kat is a professional mermaid, mermaid instructor and underwater model. She is a German mermaid who has been living in Perth for several years. Kat has been a mermaid for over a decade and has gathered lots of experiences in working as a mermaid performer at birthday parties, public and cooperate events. Furthermore, she has been swimming in underwater tanks for mermaid shows in Europe, Asia and Australia. She also features TV commercials and advertisement campaigns across the world. As a fully trained scuba diving instructor, freediver, technical diver and cave diver, Kat performs underwater stunts up to 40m/ 130ft underneath the surface. She is an experienced buddy breather at depth and loves to swim with marine life such as whales, rays and sharks.


Underwater tank mermaid show Perth

Underwater Show Mermaid for Hire

Kat has performed in underwater tank shows in Perth, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and Belgium. She is capable of holding her breath for several minutes when relaxed. Therefore, she is able to stay underwater for a decent amount of time when performing at underwater shows. Besides her breath hold abilities, Kat enchants her audience with her natural facial expressions and first-class performance skills. Her abilities as well as her professional and friendly personality make her the perfect professional mermaid for hire in Perth and Australia wide.


Professional mermaid swimming with sharks in Bahamas

Public and Cooperate Events

Mermaid Kat is available to entertain at public and cooperate events in Perth, all across Australia and overseas. She’s extremely passionate about what she does and her highest priority is keeping the magic alive and putting a smile on everyones faces. The professional mermaid performed at numerous mermaid shows in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Germany, Spain, Germany and of course Australia. Next to her exquisite underwater performance skills, Kat also has an ability to interact naturally with her audience. As a result, spectators will be absolutely mesmerised when meeting and interacting with Mermaid Kat at an event. Kat is a professional mermaid for hire for events such as cooperate events, festivals, exhibitions, weddings, private functions or meet & greets.


Perth - Professional Mermaid swimming with sharks

Mermaid Instructor

In August 2012 Kat opened her mermaid school Mermaid Kat Academy. Since then, she and her team have trained over 10,000 students in mermaiding. Kat has personally taught mermaid classes in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Maldives, French Polynesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Egypt and Australia. Furthermore, she offers international retreats for merfolk. Mermaids and mermen are welcome to join her for unforgettable mermaid adventures. If you are interested in becoming a mermaid, Kat can be hired as a mermaid instructor. Please note that participants in mermaid classes must have strong swimming abilities and be at least 10 years old.




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In this video below you can see Mermaid Kat swimming in underwater tanks for mermaid shows in Australia and Europe



The professional mermaid is hosting regular mermaid retreats. Below you can see a video showing her personal highlights from Mermaid Week Egypt in 2022:



This video features the professional Mermaid Kat in a TV commercial in Germany:


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