Mermaid Meet and Greet - Aquamotion Fun Day with Mermaid Julianna and Mermaid Kat


Mermaid Meet and Greet at Aquamotion Fun Day

Mermaid meet and greet in Wanneroo. Dive into a magical world of enchantment at Aquamotion Fun Day, where dreams come to life with a captivating Mermaid Meet and Greet featuring the extraordinary Mermaid Julianna and Mermaid Kat! On Saturday, January 13th, embark on a journey to encounter these real live mermaids.


Aquamotion Fun Day with Mermaid Kat in Perth


Say “Shello” to Real Life Mermaids

From 1-4 pm, you and your loved ones can immerse yourselves in the whimsical experience of a meet and greet with these enchanting mermaids. Capture the moment with a unique photo opportunity as you interact with Mermaid Julianna and Mermaid Kat, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Meet and Greet at Wanneroo Aquamotion Fun Day with Mermaid Kat and Mermaid Julianna


Mermaid Birthdays and Mermaid Courses

But the magic doesn’t end there! Did you know that these mystical mermaids offer more than just meet and greets? Imagine adding a touch of magic to your special events and birthday parties in Perth by hiring these enchanting creatures. Our mermaids bring their aquatic charm to any occasion, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe.

For those who desire to explore their inner mermaid, we also offer mermaid classes at Aquamotion. Dive into the art of mermaiding and experience the joy of swimming with a mermaid tail, creating cherished moments of discovery and delight.


Meet and Greet a Mermaid in Perth


Come and Dive into the Magic

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness the beauty and grace of real live mermaids at Aquamotion Fun Day. Join us on January 13th for a day filled with wonder, excitement, and the magic of the deep blue sea. Mark your calendars and get ready to make a splash with Mermaid Julianna and Mermaid Kat!

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