Hire Mermaid Kinia in Perth

Hire Mermaid Kinia in Perth

Hire Mermaid Kinia for corporate events, interactive meet-and-greets, mermaid birthday parties, and underwater shows. Mermaid Kinia is not just a fantastic mermaid entertainer; she also excels in interacting with both children and adults. Her experiences in mermaiding encompass numerous educational performances as well as underwater mermaid swimming shows at AQWA, the Aquarium of Western Australia. If you are looking to hire your friendly neighbourhood mermaid in Perth, Kinia is your go-to (or swim-to) mermaid 😉


Mermaid Kinia for Hire in Australia

Hire Mermaid Kinia for your Underwater Show

Mermaid Kinia is a skilled scuba diver and free diver, enabling her to remain submerged for considerable durations during underwater performances. Beyond her capacity to hold her breath, Kinia captivates her audience with her engaging interactions. Her talents, coupled with her professional and approachable demeanour, establish her as the ideal mermaid for underwater shows. Hiring Mermaid Kinia for your event in Australia to ensure a mesmerising underwater experience.


Hire Mermaid Kinia for your Birthday Party in Perth

Mermaid Birthday Parties and Cooperate Events

Mermaid Kinia is not only available to bring magic to children’s birthday parties but also to other events. Besides her captivating underwater performances, Kinia possesses “fintastic” interaction abilities. Furthermore, she can be hired for a variety of occasions, including corporate events, festivals, exhibitions, and weddings. Additionally, she is perfect for private functions and meet & greets. Each appearance by Kinia guarantees an unforgettable experience, blending her aquatic grace with engaging interactions. Whether it’s enchanting young audiences or adding a unique touch to adult gatherings, Kinia is the ideal choice.


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Hire Mermaid Kinia – Enquire Today

If you are interested in hiring Mermaid Kinia, please contact us and send us all required information for your event or project.

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