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Underwater Model from Germany

Underwater Model Katrin Gray is originally from Germany and now residing in Perth, Western Australia. She boasts a diverse and fascinating journey. Initially crowned “Miss Germany International,” she transitioned into the world of international fashion modeling, captivating audiences across Thailand, China, Germany and Australia.


Perth Underwater Model Katrin Gray


Model turns into Mermaid

Venturing beyond the runway, Katrin embraced the depths as a scuba diving instructor, free diver, technical diver and cave diver. Since 2012, she has donned the persona of “Mermaid Kat,” earning global recognition as a professional mermaid. Her underwater prowess has graced the pages of renowned magazines, adorned TV commercials, starred in music videos and even served as a stunt double in movies.

Notably, Kat has shared the frame with marine life such as dolphins, whales, sharks, rays, and saltwater crocodiles, immortalizing these breathtaking interactions through film and photography.


Dancing Underwater in Perth


Underwater Model Workshops in Perth

Presently, Katrin Gray extends her expertise to enthusiasts through captivating underwater modeling workshops in Perth and international retreats. Her genuine love for underwater modeling shines through as she mentors students, witnessing them surpass their own expectations.

Fluent in English with a charming German accent, Kat is known for her amiable nature, reliability, punctuality and collaborative spirit. Working alongside her ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all involved.


Underwater Modelling Workshop with Katrin Gray


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Modelling underwater in Perth


This video features the professional Mermaid Kat in a TV commercial in Germany:


Watch Kat’s showreel as an Underwater Stuntwoman and Professional Mermaid


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