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Mermaid Jasmine

In the heart of Perth, Western Australia, Mermaid Jasmine emerges as a captivating addition to MerPeople, a premier agency for mermaids for hire. Despite her nascent journey in mermaid performances, Jasmine’s rich background in orchestra performances has finely sculpted her discipline and stage charisma. Her unwavering commitment to entertainment artistry is evident.

Moreover, Jasmine is not just any performer; she’s a certified pool and ocean mermaid. Originally hailing from Malaysia, she now calls Perth home, pursuing a Diploma of Childhood Education and Care. This blend of educational pursuit and mermaid artistry makes her a unique presence in the aquatic performance world.

Furthermore, Jasmine dedicates her leisure to swimming, her favorite sport, which serves as both a physical regimen and a bridge to her mermaid aspirations. Her initiation into mermaiding in Malaysia, through a class and a photoshoot, ignited a fervent desire to delve into this fantastical realm.

Additionally, Jasmine’s journey is underpinned by rigorous dive training, core strengthening, and relentless practice. These endeavors have not only ensured her safety and comfort in aquatic environments but also honed her ability to embody the mermaid’s grace with effortless breath control and fluid movement.

Lastly, Jasmine intertwines her passion for childhood education with her mermaid talents, crafting unforgettable experiences for all. Her performances are not merely displays of aquatic elegance but are imbued with educational values, making every encounter with her truly magical.

In conclusion, Mermaid Jasmine represents a blend of artistic discipline, educational dedication, and mermaid enchantment. At MerPeople, Jasmine is more than a performer; she’s a creator of dreams and a bearer of unforgettable moments. Dive into a world of wonder and let Mermaid Jasmine enchant your next event with a splash of magic!


Mermaid Birthday Parties

Mermaid Jasmine transcends mere character status; she embodies a fervent advocate for the ocean, committed to delivering joy and sparking creativity. Picture the delight in your child’s eyes upon meeting a real life mermaid at their birthday celebration. Jasmine is open for bookings across a spectrum of events. Hire this mermaid for birthday celebrations, personal meet-ups, intimate soirees, or communal gatherings. Mermaid Jasmine’s mesmerizing aura ensures unforgettable moments, forging treasured memories for all guests.




Rent a Mermaid – Enquire Today

If you are looking to rent a mermaid, choose Mermaid Jasmine for an extraordinary and enchanting addition to your event in Perth. Let her passion for the ocean and her magical charisma make your occasion one that will be talked about for years to come. Contact us now to book Mermaid Jasmine and let the magic begin.


Become a Mermaid – Apply now

Are you dreaming of becoming a professional mermaid yourself? Then apply to become a mermaid entertainer, mermaid model or show mermaid. Here you can find out more about the application process. And have you seen our international mermaid retreats yet?

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