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Hire a Mermaid – Mermeow Awn

If you want to hire a mermaid, Mermeow Awn is most certainly a unique choice. This mermaid swam all the way from Thailand and has been based in Perth for several years. Awn hast not only gathered lots of experiences during mermaid photo shoots, she also performed at numerous events as a mermaid entertainer. Awn is a very gentle way to communicate with her audience. She certainly knows how to enchant others and how to create long lasting memories. If you are looking to hire a mermaid in Perth, Awn is an excellent choice.


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Hire a Mermaid for Underwater Shows

If you want to hire a mermaid for underwater shows, Awn has a lot to offer. As a scuba diver, free diver, aqua fitness instructor and mermaid instructor she regularly spends a decent amount of time in and underwater. Furthermore, Awn has joined a mermaid portfolio retreat in the Maldives where she had her photos taken underwater in the open sea. Besides mermaiding, Awn also loves underwater dancing without a mermaid tail. Therefore, she can show off a unique and beautiful skillset in performing underwater dancing.


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Cooperate Events and Meet and Greets

Mermow Awn is also available to perform at public and cooperate events. Next to her beautiful underwater performance skills, Awn has the natural and gentle ability to interact with spectators in a gentle, friendly and magical way. If you want to hire a mermaid for events such as cooperate events, festivals, exhibitions or meet & greets, Awn is an excellent choice. She knows how to spread her mermaid magic and mesmerise her audience.


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Hire a Mermaid – Enquire Today

If you are interested in hiring Mermmeow Awn, please contact us and send through all required information regarding your event or project.


In September 2019 Mermeow Awn joined our Mer-People Retreat in the Maldives. Here you can see her highlights from an unforgettable mermaid adventure.


Become a Mermaid – Apply now

Are you dreaming of becoming a professional mermaid yourself? Then apply to become a mermaid entertainer, mermaid model or show mermaid. Here you can find out more about the application process.

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