Book Mermaids in Perth - Tama at WA Day in Fremantle

Hire Mermaids in Perth: Kinia and Tama at WA Day in Fremantle

Did you know you can hire mermaids in Perth? At MerPeople, we specialize in providing professional mermaids for various events. Whether it’s a children’s party or a corporate function, our mermaids, including Mermaid Tama and Mermaid Kinia, will leave your guests spellbound. in this article you can read about Kinia’s and Tama’s performances at WA Day in Fremantle.


Discover the Charm of Mermaid Kinia and Mermaid Tama

Recently, both mermaids made a splash at WA Day in Fremantle. Their presence was a highlight, captivating both young and old. From 12-1 pm, Mermaid Kinia enchanted visitors at Bathers Beach. Not only did she share stories of the ocean, but she also adorned guests with biodegradable glitter, a nod to her role as a guardian of the sea.

Then, from 2-3 pm, Mermaid Tama took the stage. Known for her playful demeanor, she engaged guests with tales from her aquatic life and offered a unique meet and greet experience. The chance to interact and take photos with real-life mermaids made the event unforgettable.


Book Mermaids in Perth - Kinia at WA Day in Fremantle


Why Choose MerPeople for Your Event?

MerPeople is not just an agency; it’s a gateway to a mystical world. Founded by Mermaid Kat, a renowned figure in the mermaid community, our agency offers more than just performers. Kat’s experience as a professional mermaid since 2012, combined with her expertise in underwater stunts and mermaid education, ensures that every mermaid performance is both authentic and professionally executed.


Hire Mermaids for any Occasion

Looking to add a splash of wonder to your child’s birthday party? Or perhaps you want to give your corporate event a unique twist? Hiring a mermaid from MerPeople guarantees a memorable experience. Our mermaids are trained to interact with audiences of all ages, making every moment magical.


Hire Mermaids in Perth - Tama at WA Day in Fremantle


Environmentally Conscious Entertainment

At MerPeople, we are committed to environmental stewardship. Our mermaids use only biodegradable glitter, ensuring that your fun doesn’t come at the expense of our oceans. By choosing us, you’re not only selecting quality entertainment but also supporting sustainable practices.


Hire Mermaids Today!

If you’re keen to hire mermaids in Perth, look no further than MerPeople. Our mermaids are ready to dive in and make a splash. Contact us today to book Mermaid Kinia, Mermaid Tama, or any of our other wonderful mermaids for your next event. Let us bring the magic of the ocean to your doorstep!


Hire Mermaids in Perth - Kinia at WA Day in Fremantle


Become a Mermaid or Merman yourself

Besides meeting a mermaid, you can also become a mermaid or merman yourself. Explore our mermaid courses and international mermaid retreats. Furthermore, you have the option to hire our mermaids for birthday parties, corporate events, and other projects.



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